Episode 326: Leviathan in Crisis, A Chat with Christof Laputka and Robin Shore

Leviathan Chronicles Season 2This week we continue the celebration of The Leviathan Chronicles – Season 2, an example of how fantastic science fiction audio drama can be when you combine great writing, a spectacular cast, and searing sound effects.

MacAllan Orsel enters the shattered world of Leviathan as perhaps the only chance the community has of enduring an attack on their leader. But will the immortals trust her? Does she have what it takes to lead them? We get a sneak preview of Chapter 27, and then follow up with an interview with Leviathan Chronicles creator Christof Laputka and Sound Designer Robin Shore of Silver Sound.

Leviathan Chronicles Season 2 is being released with a pretty unique strategy, the entire first half is available for paid download now – so you can purchase the first half and power through it now, or be patient and listen to it free of charge via the podcast.

We’re pretty sure that once you hear this, you are not going to want to put it down. Dig in and enjoy the adventure.