Episode 324 – Basking in Titanium Rain and Sweet, Sweet Honey West

Titanium Rain Action Adventure Radio DramaWhat a fantastic time to be digging audio drama. This month, we’ve gotten to soak up Dirk Maggs’ audio drama adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, hear Chatterbox Audio Theater render the Greek tragedy of Oedipus, and now we get to celebrate our friends at AudioComics Company getting two “Audie” nods and a Golden Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine.

In celebration of fresh new audio drama, we revisit the adrenaline-cranking Top Gun of the 21st century war epic Titanium Rain by Josh Finney and Kat Rocha. We hear the first act of the jet fueled drama, which is available for a download of only $8 through AudioComics’ website.

Followed by Honey West Murder on Mars, a sexy sassy detective thriller set at a deadly movie set on Mars.

Oh, and speaking of new audio, get your act(ors) together and polish up your explosive sound effects collection and send in something for our War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary contest. If Fred can record a podcast while holding an infant, you can sure produce a 15 minute drama for our contest!