Episode 319 – War of the Worlds Returns with a BANG!

War of the Worlds Radio DramaThis week we take a bow to radio drama history by clobbering Grover’s Mill New Jersey with a big ball of fire and pissed off laser-toting Martians. Yes, folks, it is the War of the Worlds – and one of the most exquisite re-creations of it ever produced, the 50th anniversary production by Otherworld Media released in 1988.

GRAMMY-nominated for Best Spoken Word production, digital sound design by Oscar-winner Randy Thom at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, an international broadcast event, this contemporary NPR/CNN version of the Orson Welles classic stars Jason Robards with Hector Elizondo, Steve Allen, CBS newsman Douglas Edwards and public radio personalities Scott Simon and Terry Gross.

Why the excitement? Because of our crazy contest, of course! To celebrate the 75th anniversary of War of the Worlds, Radio Drama Revival is proud to be promoting a new WoW radio drama re-creation contest.

Basically, produce a play that is:

  • Original
  • Up to 15 minutes in length
  • Uses meteorites to crash on earth, tripods to get around, ultimate destruction (because destruction is awesome), and a biological solution to thwart the bad-guys
  • Makes us laugh, cry, or crap our pants, or all of the above

That’s a summary, but full contest rules (and news on the awesome prizes!) is available at: http://www.waroftheworlds75.com/.  You’ve got till May 5, 2013 to produce your show.

We also mention that time is running short to get your shows into the Mark Time Awards!  Go to: http://www.greatnorthernaudio.com/MarkTime/MarkTime.html and submit your fantastic sci-fi and fantasy audio dramas from 2012.

  • Lucas Pearson

    Where can we find a recording of the NPR version. Ive looked around and cant seem to find one!

  • finalrune

    Lucas I’m not sure what version you mean…this one originally aired on NPR in the 80s

  • finalrune

    Woops – just discovered I left the link out! Try again 🙂

  • finalrune

    Oops – sorry for the mistake there Janny, the link has been fixed. Happy listening!

    – Fred