Episode 318 – Are you Afraid of Rotwang Krell?

Part 3 of 3

Big Big Space Sci Fi Comedy DramaSci Fi February continues with another double-header of live sci fi comedy radio shows produced by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre for Ireland’s RTE Radio 1. This week we have “The Zombies of Dr. Krell”

Captain Sane and her crew seek shelter from a space storm at a mysterious Space Tower on the edge of a Super Massive Black Hole. Inside they meet the discredited mad scientist Dr. Rotwang Krell and his viraginous wife Gubnait. Obliging as ever, our heroes assist Dr. Krell in pullin a new Quark life form out of the fractal edge of the Black Hole. Unfortunately the creation of this new teenage life form also triggers a chain reaction which begins to unravel the fabric of the universe.

  • This is Hilarious!!!

  • finalrune

    Thank Silas! I’m glad you enjoyed the show. It made us laugh too 🙂