Episode 317 – Have a Round at the Cabaret of Forbidden Celestial Delights

Part 2 of 3

Big Big Space Sci Fi Comedy DramaSci Fi February continues with another double-header of live sci fi comedy radio shows produced by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre for Ireland’s RTE Radio 1. This week we have “The Cabaret of Forbidden Celestial Delights.”

Captain Sane and her crew are set to relax at Marlene Exotica’s risque Cabaret of Forbidden Celestial Delights when the Smirk Viper the Head Accountant of the Cyborg Network, breaks up the party with a battalion of Accountant stormtroopers. Resisting the tedious audit our heroes are taken prisoner and begin to be subjected to such tortures as only accountants can devise.

This bizarre and hilarious romp was recorded live – live cast, live music, live effects, and live audience – and harkens back to the Golden Age of radio comedy. Just… don’t get too comfortable.