Episode 306 – The Truth Puts Us in “Good Hands”

Good Hands Radio Drama RecordingThis week The Truth returns, the remarkable (in the fullest sense of that word) audio drama podcast that seeks to reinvent the format for 21st century aesthetics.

The brainchild of producer, sound designer, and writer Jonathan Mitchell, The Truth is trying many different things, but what it’s best at is a wildly innovative approach to audio storytelling wherein a rough script is used to set up situations, and actors improvise dialogue to play out those situations.

This storytelling method, combined with location-recordings, results in an invigorating, surprising kind of drama that can surprise, delight, or – as is the case in today’s episode – terrify.

Both stories take ordinary people and push them out of the realm of normalcy and into the outskirts – the place where things get weird. In “In Good Hands,” two pranksters in New York City go beneath the surface of the city and discover another world in the tunnels. In “Do You Have a Minute for Equality?” a woman is put in a tight spot on a city street, and her efforts to support her cause will cost her dearly.