Episode 302 – A Son’s Long Trip Home, and a Dark Ride

Grist Mill Halloween Horror DramaHorror, horror, horror! More scary stories to haunt you this Halloween season, this week with a rendition of If You Take My Hand, My Son by Scott Hickey’s The Grist Mill series, followed by a Grist Mill double-feature, The Dark Ride (by Jeff Adams).

In “If You Take My Hand, My Son” a man sits at the brink of existence – not quite dead, not quite alive – and is haunted in this in-between place by the voice of his father. And let’s just say, things weren’t all rosy between them. But can a father and son reconcile from beyond the grave?

Followed by “The Dark Ride,” where a run-down carnival gets a brand new ride. The ride of a lifetime. But is the magician that runs said ride worth trusting? And what does it really cost to take it for a spin?

Preceded by Episode 8, Part 4 of The Cleansed, the big finale. Fire rains down from the sky, and there is only one chance to change the course of events for our heroes. Is Maria up to the challenge?

Don’t miss Mort Castle’s latest collection, “Shadow Show,” a collection of stories inspired by Ray Bradbury, edited by Mort Castle and Sam Weller.

  • Timothy Clark

    “If you take my hand, my son” is a twisted story if I ever heard one.

  • Timothy Clark

    I went to the grist mill website but it’s down. Is this the same experience for anyone else?