Episode 300 – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack

Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack - Wireless Theatre CompanyOur second week of our 5th festival of audio drama horror is the thrilling tale of murder in the city – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack by Wireless Theatre Company.

Wireless, who started the same year as RDR, has grown to one of the world’s premiere independent audio drama producers. ¬†Springheel’d Jack is a new intermittent series (3 episodes are out and I hear 6 more are in production) and joins other, truly dark work they’ve produced as well as ‘completely different’ fare such as the comedy We are the BBC.

I should also mention this work took the Silver Ogle Award this year, and I got to meet with writer Robert Valentine and Wireless producer Jack Bowman at CONvergence out in Minneapolis.

First up: The Cleansed, Episode 8 Part 2, where scotch, Wagner, and tales of the old times have their way.