Episode 3: Scott Hickey talks shop

This past week, we chatted with Scott Hickey from AM FM Theater. Hear about hitting the bar with Peter Straub at World Horror Con, growing up with radio drama, and the making of “God of the Razor.” A great interview not to be missed!

Radio Drama Revival! Episode 3

  • This look fantastic. Are you open to having advertising from radio spirits and radio classics on your sites? that way you can make some money helping us sell the classic shows to support your original productions. Let us know. thanks jeff

  • This was a nice interview with Scott. I love it when people talk with passion about their passions.
    I downloaded the mp3 from the rss feed. It seem to cut off abruptly at the end. There may some techincal glitch if the original file was longer.

    It would be a little more work for you, but it might be a nice touch to include photos of you guests and links to their works or websites. Either RDR or WMPG could have that sort of stuff. Either way, you would probably have to do it. Might as well kkep it i your own house.

  • Corrected the problem. File must’ve cut off in transfer. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

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