Episode 298 – The Handmaid Makes a Break for It

Handmaid's Tale Radio Drama BBCThis week we wrap up our feature of John Dryden’s radio drama adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” produced for BBC Radio 4.

In a world not so far in the future, the land of “Gilead” is ruled by the law of the Good Book and women’s rights are dramatically scaled back. One woman is torn from family and re-educated to be a Handmaid… a reproductive surrogate for a married couple.

In the final chilling installment, we find the Handmaid trying to find a way out from her strange situation, a friend from the past, and the obstinate present.

First up, Dialed In‘s final installment, the zing-ingly hilarious “Straw into Gold” satire of the literary universe, then Episode 7 Part 4 of The Cleansed, wherein the stage is set for a battle of biblical proportions.