Episode 280 – Mask of Inanna Faces a Smoking Monkey

Mask of Innana Mystery Occult Radio DramaOur second week featuring the boldly original occult mystery drama The Mask of Inanna.

We’re into the second episode of season two, where Leonard Allen – the hapless old time radio host turned lighthouse keeper brought back from retirement to revive an old radio show – realizes that the ritual he’s been set up to perform is one bum deal. His plot to upset the ritual and get things righted are the plot behind this show, “Smoking Monkey.”

We also announced our upcoming app (!) and feature week 12 of The Cleansed. Lucian has tried to keep his nose clean and work for the Republic. But playing by the rules doesn’t work, and these taskmasters have pushed this working man just a little too far…

PS Here is the link to the listener survey for the streaming App Fred’s talking about: http://www.radiodramarevival.com/rdr-listener-survey