Episode 279 – Revealing the Mask of Innana Again

Mask of Innana Mystery Occult Radio DramaNot all legends die easy, and not all old radio shows are forgotten.

Such is the lesson for Leonard Allen, who learned at the beginning of Post Meridian Radio Player‘s Mask of Inanna that not all was quite right with the people who took a tired old man out of a nursing home and put him up in posh lighthouse on the New England Coast. Just how strange was it going to get? Well, we learn a little bit this week in the first installment of Season 2 of The Mask of Inanna.

You may recall that we spoke with series writer Alicia Goranson and producer Neil Marsh back in November, 2010. Now, MoI has completed its second season and has many hours of listening enjoyment ahead for those of you who’ll savor this unique mashup of mystery, old time radio, and occult drama.

Before our feature, we have Chapter 11 of The Cleansed. Maria has been sent by John to retrieve an object in the woods, which unlocks the next stage in their journey. But is Maria ready to step through the door that John has opened?

  • Storiesbysteve

    easily one of the very best COMPLETED series I have ever heard.  It was a great series with a whiz bang ending that tied up all the loose ends. I’ve called this series the best for commuting or a long distance drive. Highly recommended

  • finalrune


    Thanks for the kind words! I’ll share them with the Mask of Inanna production team – they will very much appreciate hearing your feedback. We wanted to revisit this series which – yes- was brilliantly executed and completed, and is quite unlike anything else out there.

    Happy listening,