Episode 278 – Ruby and the Zoots, Part 6

Ruby 5 Galactic Gumshoe Audio drama

Part 6 of 6

On this week’s show we conclude of Tom Lopez’s Ruby 5, the galactic gumshoe who has been investigating the Land of Zoots. This is the episode in which secrets of the Awakening Archipelago and wacky land of Zoots are revealed!

After our feature, we have the first half of an interview with Tom Lopez conducted at ZBS HQ in early April. We talk about the life and times of an audio legend – from the era of reel-to-reel to the digital editing of today – with many laughs in between.

We also talk a bit about the final Ruby – Ruby 9! – which will be released later this year.

First up, Chapter 10 of The Cleansed from the feature lengthEpisode 3. As the Refuge smolders, back in the Republic the dark one – Saul – is coercing the council and egging a secret from a young boy