Episode 261 – There Is A Field, Part 1

There Is A Field LogoCaptain Radio™  hosts once more for vacationing Fred Greehalgh as we continue our series New Year, New Audio, which, yeah, kind of dares you to step outside your past listening routine, to try something different for you. When you come across something new for you that you really like, share with others about it, so they can broaden their horizons as well.

Last week we enjoyed satirical short-shorts from the new “Rythmical Ravings and Rants”, or RRRants, consortium of modern UK troubadors.

This week we flip the theater mask to feature the first of a two-part docu-drama, There Is A Field, adapted by Marie Tueje from Jen Marlowe’s play of the same name.

Aseel Aslih wearing his Seeds of Peace center t-shirt This poignant audio drama explores the life of youthful Aseel Aslih of Arrabeh, Israel. Aseel strove to find a healthy personal identity and peaceful purpose in life while coping with the stark political realities still faced by Palestinian citizens of Israel.

We are very pleased to have as our interview guests for this episode Jen Marlowe  of Donkey Saddle Projects, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, human rights advocate, author and playwright for There Is A Field as well as Aseel Aslih’s younger sister, Siwar Aslih, calling in all the way from Haifa, Israel.

[RATED AD-PG-13 for some strong language]

  • Davidzisu

    I love this podcast and never miss an episode, the audio works delivered here are usually very enjoyable and thought provoking.


    This time I listened amazed to the cynical anti israeli propaganda. The memory of this lovely young man is being used to spread hatred and lies on my country

    To the listeners of this podcast I suggest to skip this pack of lies and hope for better days

  • Anonymous

    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response and feedback on this episode. We always try to feature a diverse array of viewpoints on the show and at time controversial ones. As an American listener I did not find the show offensive but I appreciate your concern; I would love if you could provide specific thoughtful critiques to explain what you mean by ‘pack of lies’ – I sincerely would like to hear what you found concerning, and by all means, if there is an Israel-oriented radio drama out there that showcases this subject matter from an alternative perspective, we would love to air it.
    TO BE CLEAR: Radio Drama Revival is not a political show, we are a show about stories. If you don’t like what you hear, tune in next week for something different. And if you have a different viewpoint that you think needs to be shared, let us know and we will share it.
    Best regards,