Episode 257: The Monte Christoan Count Gets His Revenge

Count of Monte Christo Radio DramaThis week we have the second installment of the classic The Count of Monte Christo by Alexander Dumas, dramatized for you by Lifehouse Theatre on the Air.

With origins in California-based community theatre, LifeHouse Theater On-The-Air is a new effort to create dynamic audio drama to entertain and educate audiences of all ages and walks of life. They produce classic stories from literature, history, the Bible, and the biographies of quotable notables. Visit their website for over a half-dozen exciting titles.

In Count, we meet Edmond Dantes, a naïve youth whose promise to his dying mentor sends him to stony imprisonment on Château d’If. In our previous installment, he met “The Mad Priest” who taught him to read and to fight… skills which allow him to escape his prison and sail the seas in search on a fortune on the island of Monte Christo – a fortune which allows him to enact his vengeance. But as we learn, vengeance comes at a high, high price.

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