Episode 226 – Orpheus’ One True Love, Pendant Power and Rats

Stuff of Myth - Orpheus Myth Audio DramaThe seductive backdrop of Ancient Greece returns in sticky sweet splendor in round 3 of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth. Orpheus recounts the journey to find – and lose – his one true love, Eurydice. In this installment Orpheus finally meets, and loses, his one true love. Tragedy at its funniest!

This great production won a Gold Ogle in 2007 and has gotten rave reviews as a stage play. After many times trying to schedule this into the show and failing, for May 2011 we’ll be featuring all four episodes of “The Stuff of Myth” plus a bonus mythological encounter as part of RDR’s spring festival of Bacchus.

First up, Captain Radio‘s tribute to the prolific production prowess of Pendant Productions, an audio house that has released a staggering 800+ dramas over the years from dozens of podcasts. And a bonus treat from Roger Gregg, a sample of his new poetry/music montage Cables to the Ace!

Cables to the Ace: 19 by Thomas Merton, from THE COLLECTED POEMS OF THOMAS MERTON, copyright 1968 by the Abbey of Gethsemani.
Music, Sound Design, Production & Direction by Roger Gregg. Crazy Dog Studios. 2011.
Voice: John Merriman & Tiernan Kearns.
Voice Recording by Colm Coyne.
Video by John Merriman.

This video is from ‘Selections from Cables to the Ace by Thomas Merton’ – a concept album by Roger Gregg, made with the Gaiety School of Acting Class of 2011.

Cables To The Ace can be found in The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton, – get a copy!

  • T.S.

    Doesn’t matter how many productions Pendant’s done, they are the worst audio production company on the planet. I would rather hear 1 brilliant production from Yuri Rasovsky or Tom Lopez than 100 productions of Pendant dreck!

  • Hi TS, appreciate you chiming in. I know not everyone loves Pendant, but we thought it is still fair to acknowledge their contribution to the medium. I personally am impressed by their staying power and popularity, clearly their work resonates enough to keep them excited about producing new material and growing their audience. There’s been some animosity between “Amateur” and “Professional” producers in the past, and as much as I am sternly committed to the craft of fine audio works, I resist falling into the trap of drawing a line in the sand between the two.

    Ultimately it’s up listeners to decide what they want to listen to and what they don’t care for, and I feel our job over here is to showcase as much as possible and let listeners make their owns mind up based on what they hear.

    Thanks again for your opinion, the fact that you listen enough to care is really, really important to me.


  • SemiColon

    Wow TS.

    I love how you’ve taken the time to express your opinion in a way which doesn’t make you appear like a giant Jerk.

    Calm down, take a breath, and think before you hit the button.

    Fred, enjoy how your blog takes the time to show many sides of the Audioverse. Keep up the unbiased, evercool work.