Episode 212 – The FiS Gathers to Go After Cook

Edict Zero Audio Sci Fi DramaWe continue “Sci Fi February” with the continuation of a stellar new independent audio sci-fi podcast, Edict Zero – FIS.

Sort of like CSI meets Bladerunner, the show follows a mysterious “Mister Cook” (with an awesome, awesome voice which is chilling, haunting, and thrilling) and the aftermath of an ill-fated club on New Year’s Eve. The show has six thrilling episodes available now and a seventh coming soon, on RDR we’ll be featuring two and encourage you to check out the show’s website for more.

In this installment, we see the genesis of FiS as a special team to investigate the strange happenings in Episode One.

Also! Captain Radio reviews the stellar redux of Spirit Blade, completely remixed and remastered by Paeter Fransen. Do check it out.