Episode 199 – The Mask of Innana Goes “After Dark”

Mask of Innana Radio DramaWe’re psyched to bring you more inspired original audio drama this week with the pilot episode of The Mask of Innana, an original series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard about through their live shows in the Boston area.

The Mask of Innana demonstrates amply that they have the chops to do original studio produced works as well. This story exemplifies their love for the old time radio era while doing a variety of new things as well. The show follows aging radio star Leonard Allen, whose series After Dark ended abruptly after a betrayal from a trusted friend. Now, years later, a stranger comes offering Allen a most unusual role.


Did you produce audio from 1995-2005 or know a bunch of people who did? Then contact Scott Hickey, who wants to put together a compendium of the producers in the “early days” of internet audio drama. Scotthickey [at] comcast.net

  • Marleigh

    Radio drama played over an actual radio? Who’d have thunk it!

    Thanks for playing our stuff,
    “Isabel Huddleston”