Episode 196 – Chatterbox’s Dark Rendition of Pinocchio

Chatterbox Theater Pinocchio Audio DramaYou may recall (and how could you forget?) Chatterbox’s award-winning mini series The Dead Girl, which we played back in . That series won a well-deserved Ogle, in no small part due to the taut and suspenseful writing of writer-in-residence Kyle Hatley.

So it’s with great pleasure I get to bring something new by Chatterbox and penned by Hatley onto the show… it’s Pinocchio! Oh, but cute little noses and brightly colored boys are nowhere to be found in this dark tale.

Just in time for Halloween, our trip of Transcontinental Terror brings us to Memphis, Tennessee. Enjoy!

  • Thanks, Fred! We always enjoy being featured on RDR. I hope your listeners enjoy Book 1 of Pinocchio; if so, they can head to http://www.chatterboxtheater.org to listen to Book 2. Book 3, the conclusion, should be posted shortly.

    Also, a small editing note — the illustrious Kyle is actually Kyle Hatley, with a “t.” If anyone decides to Facebook-stalk him, I want to make sure they’ve got the right guy.

  • Woops, fixed! Listeners, do go to Chatterbox’s site for more… Way more audio than I could ever feature on my show, and it’s all great!

    Can’t wait for the terror train, Bob…

    – Fred

  • Timothy Clark

    This story was very different from the original story. I like this retelling though. Very dark.

  • finalrune

    Glad you enjoyed it, Timothy! Yes, we like dark material around here… strange, oh so strange.