Episode 195 – FinalRune Returns with a Dark Passenger and Cruel Confession

Dark Passenger Audio HorrorThis week we continue our Halloween fright fest with tales of terror sure to curdle your blood… Close your ears to make the horror stop!

We’re on a westward train of Transcontinental Terror that will culminate on All Hallow’s Eve with a 6-hour festival of fear that runs from 5pm to 11pm EDT. This week our featured artist is my own FinalRune Productions, with two original dark tales set in the rugged rural landscape of Downeast Maine.

In Dark Passenger, two teenage friends discover the evil lurking in an old sea captain’s house. In Blind Man’s Confession, we learn why you should never, never drive recklessly late at night on the Blacks Woods Road…

  • Rosanna

    Great choices.
    Looking forward to “The Cleansed”…
    I think this might be just the thing!