Episode 182 – More Trolling and Fallen Angels

ZBS and FinalRune MashupFinalRune’s third installment of the Troll of Stony Brook introduces us to the troll – a fearless, man-eating creature for sure, but, um, not without a soft stop.

Sadly, humans just won’t leave him alone and the rough exterior shows up again.

After this next dose of audio delight we move on to Fallen Angels that Bounce, a serialized audio noir tale by ZBS featuring lush soundscapes of Rio de Janeiro and New York City.

Flo has a recurring dream of Rio that never goes anywhere – so Joe and Moe take it upon themselves to cook up a tale of a devilish twin sister, crooked gangsters, and dreams of Rio.

Meet a crazy kooky cast in a program which is unabashedly aware of its art form, showing off the wondrously imaginative and dreamlike possibilities of audio!