Episode 148 – The Zombies Are Coming… But We’re Alive!

We're Alive Zombie PodcastAhhh, the living dead. Just in case the onslaught of reanimated corpses in my Halloween special weren’t enough to suite your tastes for the undead, we’ve got a plentiful serving of more from our new friends Wayland Enterprises, a group of California-based filmmakers turned audio dramatists.

It’s “We’re Alive,” AKA the Zombie Podcast.

In this tight, action-packed serial, a group of Iraq vets become the inadvertant protectors of a motley group of civilians in downtown LA during a zombie outbreak. Human drama and action ensues.

Good stuff, hope you enjoy.

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Radio Drama Revival – Episode 148

  • Aftermath

    Unreal! Thank you for turning me on to this podcast! I hunted down the rest of the episodes online and then I got a couple of friends hooked on it as well! Sooo well done. If you see me ‘spacing out’ at work, it’s because I’m listening intently to this podcast or daydreaming about the next episode.

  • http://www.radiodramarevival.com Fred


    Thrilled you enjoyed it! I’m sure the creators will be similarly jazzed. I’ll share your comments with them.

    – Fred

  • http://frungi.livejournal.com/profile Frungi

    I’m a little behind in my podcast listening, but thanks for sharing this show! I just subscribed to it. But you said in the beginning of this episode that you were going to have more on the following week, and there was no podcast that week. I understand you do this as a radio show and then podcast it; did that week’s show not make it to the podcast?

  • http://frungi.livejournal.com/profile Frungi

    I wish I could edit my comment… I just realized I worded that badly: I meant I just subscribed to the show you featured in this episode. I’ve been subscribed to RDR since before this episode was new. But like I asked, what happened to the next week’s show?

  • http://www.finalrune.com Fred


    You got me.

    RDR actually missed the episode you’re talking about due to extenuating circumstances. I plan to have the guys from “We’re Alive” back on the show in a couple of months to make up for this missed interview opportunity.

    Thanks for listening,

  • 8sml

    Loved the cinematic sound, the original writing, and the exciting storyline. I immediately listened to all the other episodes of We’re Alive and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one. Well done Zombie Podcast team, and thanks Fred for cluing me in to it.

  • http://www.finalrune.com Fred

    So glad you enjoyed it! This has definitely become a “reader’s choice” program – we’ll be featuring more episodes and an exclusive interview with the creators in the not-too-distant future here on the show

  • Park

    I’m so hooked on this podcast, thank you!!!

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