Episode 178 – Collector’s Fever and a Chat with Yuri Rasovsky

RUR Rossums Universal Robots Radio DramaThis week we wrap up our focus on Yuri Rasovsky, one of audio drama’s true greats who has been so kind as to let us re-broadcast pristine stereo recordings of his Beyond 2000 series originally recorded for NPR.

Today we feature two last bits – “Collector’s Fever” by Roger Zelazny and “And Miles to Go before I Sleep” by William F. Nolan.

Followed by an interview with Yuri himself where we talk about his more recent work in noir audio drama, an exciting new project featuring Zorro, and reflections on 40 years in audio.


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  • You’re a much better interviewer than I am a guest.

  • BTW, the Collector and the Rock in Collector’s Fever were layed by David Ossman and Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theater. In Miles to Go you heard John Schuck of Altman’s MASH, McMillan and Wife, Annie and The Munsters Today.

  • An interesting interview with someone who’s been in the AD business for a long time and produced a lot.
    I am a little concerned and bothered by the “amateur” comment as Mr Rasovsky was speaking about Colonial Radio Theatre. A company that is neither amateur NOR poor in their productions.
    In point of fact, I hardly think they’d be amateur if they have had at least three separate successful productions with the master of science fiction- Ray Bradbury as well as their recent production by Star Trek’s Walter Koenig. Then of course there’s their Perry Mason series, another professional product. I could go on and on.
    As for their work in Zorro. I bought it. It’s great. And if it were so poorly done, why did the company in question commission another by them? Desperation?
    As much as I defer to Mr. Rasovsky long experience in the field, in these places he’s dead wrong, and more than a little insulting to a company that has done a great deal to improve modern audio drama around the world.
    Perhaps a clarification would best be in order for the poor choice of words?

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