Episode 176 – Going Beyond 2000 to a World of Robots

RUR Rossums Universal Robots Radio DramaThis week we feature the work of another major name in audio drama – Yuri Rasovsky, a luminary who as of last week boasts two new Audies in a belt well studded with audio awards. If you’ve never heard the work of “El Fiendo,” well, you’re in for a treat.

I raved about his work in my gushing review of his rendition of The Maltese Falcon – other splendid dramatizations of his include The Odyssey, The Orestaia, Ben Franklin on Craven Street, Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls, and much more.

Today’s focus is from the series Beyond 2000, which originally aired on NPR – oh yes, that NPR, in what was clearly a different era for radio drama.

The story is RUR – Rossum’s Universal Robots – which was first performed in Prague in 1921. It asks the question, which has haunted the science fiction world ever since: What does the creation of an artificial life form mean for the fate of humankind?