Episode 172 – 70 Years Later, We Still Hold These Truths…

Norman Corwin - We Hold These Truths
Norman Corwin working in control booth during radio show “Untitled”;1944 Photographer: Gjon Mili #2
Courtesy Norman Corwin website

In a bold coup for Radio Drama Revival, we look back to yesteryear and the golden age of radio drama to celebrate one of its luminaries – the magnificent Norman Corwin, also called the “poet laureate of radio,” who celebrates his 100th birthday this month.

Wow! That’s a lifespan that encompasses a lot of changes in America, and a lot of radio plays – and a pervasive and unstoppable optimism present in all of his work.

So, the whole month of May is Corwin-time – starting today, with the re-broadcast of that seminal radio play celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, “We Hold These Truths.”

In a time where cynicism and jadedness have never been stronger in America, it may be more important than ever to look at where we’ve come from and what we’re capable of.


  1. Barry Anderson says:

    Thanks for making this available. What a gift for words he had!
    And thanks for helping to keep radio drama alive.

  2. Thank you Barry! Corwin will be dearly missed. What an experience to be at the top of radio when radio was what it was

    – Fred

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