Episode 169 – Another Taste of Wormwood, Past the Crossroads

Wormwood Audio Serial MysteryWow, over 100 episodes ago we featured Wormwood, what was then a promising new audio suspense series set in the odd backwater town of Wormwood that had some weird taste of the occult.

Since that time, the creators of Wormwood have delivered with a stunning first and second season, and now a three-part third season that explores backwards, sideways, and finally forward through the Wormwood universe.

We revisit the epic audio serial Wormwood, by talking with creators David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers about their experience creating and marketing the series these years… and what might happen in their lives now that Wormwood will reach its climax after nearly four years in the making.

But first! An episode from Season 2 of the series, about the curious miscreant known as “Albatross.”

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Radio Drama Revival – Episode 169

  • Rosanna

    Wormwood was actually the catalyst that lured me into the whole current audio drama experience.
    I couldn’t believe that audio could be so addicting..but it convinced me.
    It still remains one of my all-time favorites

  • Wil Tatum

    I’ve been an avid radio drama fan since discovering another well-known program back in the seventies. After listening to Radio Drama Revival for the first time, I’m HOOKED!! The casts and the stories are excellent and I thoroughly enjoy listening to Fred Greenhalgh’s intros prior to each episode. This is audio/radio drama at its very best and you’ll never be more than a click away from my browser!!

  • http://www.finalrune.com Fred

    Thanks so much Wil! I’m doing something a little different in that you hear something different each week, and I’m so glad my intros don’t put you to sleep :) Even after all this time I’m still a little mic-shy. Keep listening!

    - Fred