Episode 167 – Zombies Return for “War,” Creators of We’re Alive Chat

Zombie Podcast Story of SurvivalAt last!  We kick off the audio serial series on Radio Drama Revival, starting with an excellent show we featured back in November – We’re Alive, A Story of Survival.. AKA “The Zombie Podcast.”

We’re Alive is now reaching its season 1 finale, and it is a blast (literally and figuratively).  Zombies assault the tower and our beleaguered characters need to make a stand… So starts “War,” episode 1 of 4.

Following the teaser season finale, we have an interview with show creators Kc Wayland and Shane Salk, who talk about their background in audio and media, and why creating a zombie podcast makes such great sense.

  • Aftermath

    We’re Alive is an awesome podcast. It serves as a great ambassador to the medium, second only to RDR!

  • Rosanna

    These guys give a lot of attention to every little detail.
    And for me, not a fan of the whole zombie genre;
    the audio experience gives it an entirely different experience.
    They can’t cop out by zooming in on a lot of splatter and special effects..
    They have to give the heroes character and depth. We, the audience, have to care enough to be rooting for them.
    And “We’re Alive” succeeds beautifully..

  • @Rosanna, Aftermath –

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll make sure to share them with the creators.

    It takes a LOT of work just to make one episode – that We’re Alive has kept it going for a whole season is quite an accomplishment… and it sounds like they’ve got a lot more good stuff up their sleeves.

    More audio drama podcast goodness next week!

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