Episode 146 – Don’t Get Lost On the Ice!!

Icebox Radio Listening in the DarkJeff Adams is one talented dude. He’s done very well with his Icebox Radio Theater, and while I love his family-friendly stuff, imo it’s with the creepy stuff that his talents as a writer and producer really shine.

If you doubt this, go tune into last year’s Halloween special when we heard his tale The Estates, or maybe the anti-Christmas story Up on the Rooftops, or even the not so friendly Family Radio.

So it’s with great pleasure that today we feature a rather, ah, “chilling” tale of his from his program Listening in the Dark. The tale is “The Thing on the Ice,” a story about a man trapped against the elements, who’s going to have a hard enough time surviving the blizzard before a horrible thing that should not walk the earth shows up.

An excellent story and perfect capstone for our month of fiendish audio, and a BIG PLUG for my live radio drama show that’s coming Sat, Oct 31, 7-9PM EDT right here on Radio Drama Revival. Killer stuff!

  • Tonnie

    I wandered upon your website by accident and man do I love it! Never been a radio drama fan before but doing research stumbled upon this. This story kept me covering my mouth the whole time. I’m not a scary story person so It must have had to be really good to keep me listening. Thank you so much for this special Halloween treat. Now, excuse me, I need to go buy a cat.

  • Tonnie,

    Ha ha! Glad you enjoyed the show! Yeah, Jeff rocks. Plenty more spookiness on the pod, and a variety of much different stuff coming soon. Hope you get as hooked on this stuff as me!!!


  • Michi

    Wow, this story really chilled my blood. Thanks for your great work on radio drama revival.
    I am an teacher in Germany and I am planning a lesson on radio drama.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Freya

    By George, that was creepy and awesome and perfect. Looking forward to more!

  • Glad you enjoyed it Freya! Do check out Icebox’s website if you want to hear more, they’re great: http://iceboxradio.org/

  • Marianna

    I just found this site several months ago, and I love it! I love listening while I’m at work. It’s a nice change from the same old humdrum that’s on radio, and it makes my work day go so much faster! I’ve noticed that other employees slow down when they go past my desk, wondering what’s happening!