Episode 143: Stoddesden Hall is Rather Grim…

Edgar Allan Poe inspired audio horror taleThis week our Halloween-inspired Ghoulishness continues its fervor and picks up the pace with a haunting tale of woe from the audio masters of The Wireless Theater Company.

In a remote, aging manorhouse in England, Edgar, the disaffected manor-keeper takes out his frustrations on the sickly owner of the mansion.  But blood shed is hard to take back, and soon Edgar is forced to take more and more drastic measures to hid his evil deeds, and finds the escalating madness impossible to escape.

A gore-iously great tribute to Edgar Allan Poe that both lampoons and celebrates gothic fiction.

Written By: Stuart Price
Starring: Knight Mantell, David Beck, Jessica Dennis, Leonie Hill, Josh Cass and Andrew Glenn. Foley by Jack Bowman, Dean Elliott and Reuben Anderson.
Edited By: Scott Wiber
Directed By: Stuart Price
Music By: Michael Bruce