Episode 126: Haunted by Hayward, and Richard Fish Talks NATF

Richard Fish, Radio ArtistThis week we talk to an all-out audiofile — Richard Fish, actor, producer, and promoter based in Bloomington, Indiana. Since first inspired by the merry madness of the Firesign Theater, Rich has been transformed by radio and contributed in big ways to the form. This week we talk to him about his long participation in the National Audio Theater Festivals and the awesome experiences (and interesting people) that he’s encountered because of it.

But first, a visit to a small and tainted town in Maine, where the Hayward Sanitarium houses the most strange inhabitants. What’s wrong with their patients and why do they like to go out at night?

Radio Drama Revival Episode 126 – Rich Fish Talks NATF, Hayward Sanitarium Episode 2

Cool Links:

In a stunning coincedence, Georgia Southern has just posteda trailer for the radio drama documentary Theater of the Mind to YouTube. Our guest today, Rich Fish, talks about the weirdness of talking about radio in video!

I got a chance to screen the video and think it’s great… especially knowing the kind of time frame they had to put this thing together in. ?More to come on that.

Also, don’t miss Rich’s upcoming live broadcast on WFHB (THIS Saturday, June 13, ?at 8PM EST)… And you can listen to many of his previous shows on the WFHB archives.

  • Steve Morris

    I enjoyed this Episode 2, but I can’t find a source for the complete set. Do you know where I could purchase the 10-Episode set of CDs?

  • Steve,

    Sadly, since Lodestone Catalog went out of business I’m not sure there’s an “official” channel to purchase this collection. However, I’ll be happy to put you in touch with Richard Fish, who should be happy to help you out.

    Glad you liked the series! I think it’s one of the great lesser-known gems of audio serial mystery.