Coming Soon: Firesign Theatre’s Duke of Madness Motors

Firesign Duke of Madness MotorsExciting news for Firesign Theatre fans! Via “Snook” –

The Firesign Theatre and Seeland Records is proud to present DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS, the long-awaited ultra-comprehensive “Dear Friends” radio reissue that fans have been dreaming of for decades:

DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS is the ultimate box-less boxed set of Firesign’s complete broadcast output for the years 1970-1972, when they were blowing minds on Los Angeles radio with The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends, and Let’s Eat. Our reissue package is nothing less than the complete history of the period in one 108-page book and one DVD-ROM of MP3 data. The book contains an 8000-word historical essay, new interviews with Firesign and their producer and engineer, complete show rundowns, original scripts, vintage Phil Proctor photocollages, found objects and much more. Meanwhile the DVD-ROM is a data disk containing every show of the era, fully restored and remastered, encoded to MP3 – over 80 hours in all. Dump to your hard drive and let the fun begin.

DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS will be available in stores starting February 15 – but if you pre-order now directly from the Firesign Theatre, we’ll ship you a copy the moment we get them from the printer, possibly as early as the beginning of January. It’s a limited print run and there’s gotta be more than a thousand of you Fireheads still alive and salivating for one of these babies, so act soon! One book-plus-DVD costs just $45 postage paid to the U.S. and Canada, or $50 post paid worldwide (we accept PayPal, credit cards, checks, or well-concealed cash). To order, just go to, where you can also hear audio samples, take a peek inside the book, and read two rambling essays from your faithful Firesign archivist demonstrating the depth of his obsession as exemplified by his tragic proclivity for crate-digging and bunker-diving over the last ten years.


If you’re a Firesign Theatre fan, you don’t need to be told more. If you’re not, order this, and prepare to be blown away!