October Schedule: Audio Horror for Your Ears!

Photo by Randy, Son of Robert It’s Halloween all October on Radio Drama Revival! The third annual scary stories month has tales from both coasts of America and far abroad, culminating in a spooktacular live Halloween radio drama that will be aired live from the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine. The month comes […]

Get Ready for your Marching Orders on Radio Drama Revival

Okay, while the title may be cheeky the content will be hard hitting — this March on Radio Drama Revival we’ll be airing the Golden Age Story “Orders is Orders” by L Ron Hubbard in its entirety. ?Each Friday the podcast will feature an action-packed thirty minute episode of this story of two soldiers in […]

This October… More Thrills and Chills (But Mostly Ghouls)

Terrorists celebrate! (Err… We’re sorry, we mean “fans of horror.”) If you love bloodletting, screaming, shrieking and near (and a little past near) scrapes with death, then this is your month to tune into Radio Drama Revival. In the 2nd-annual fright-fest leading up to a 2-hour Halloween special, we dig through the horrifying vaults of […]

This September on The Show

Labor Day blues got you down?? Not quite ready for sacks of books and long lectures again?? Then treat you ears (or iPod) to some kickin’ audio this September with a line-up of quirky and diabolical this month on the show… SEPT 4 and 11 – THE SPECKLED BAND We welcome back our friends at […]

A Big Night for Audio Fans

Ahh… “hear” at last — Halloween! The one day a year where you can get away with dressing up like a lunatic (outside of New Orleans), knock on stranger’s doors demanding candy and cuddle up to the stereo and pretend that great audio stories are just another part of our cultural framework. Tonight a lot […]

Halloween Audio Horror Extravanganza

Just to whet your appetite… [audio:http://www.radiodramarevival.com/promos/halloween-promo.mp3]

Audio Theater Galore This October

For us audio dramatists, October is our Christmas.? Something about the nature of the season — with its penchant for spooky stories told around campfires, couches or cauldrons, combined with a love for eerie music and things that go bump in the night — makes our nigh forsaken artform spring to life to a surprising […]


Smashing pumpkins, anyone? At the risk of airing spoilers to my Halloween special later this month, take a sneak preview of the wanton vegetable abuse that goes into the making of a haunting horror audio story

Joe Lansdale, H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley and More This October!

Stayed tuned to the show this October for truly terrifying theater!? I’ve packed Radio Drama Revival to the gory brim with haunting tales, culminating in a three-part live radio drama event to be held on All Hallow’s Eve. The fright fest kicks off October 4th during WMPG‘s “Begathon” pledge drive with Maine-based audio artistry by […]

September on Radio Drama Revival: Transatlantic Feedback, Out of this World Adventures

After a series of dark and troubling adventures through the dying world of Moloch this past August, we start September with a startling interview with the creator of this stunning series, Roger Gregg of Dublin, Ireland. We rig up the transatlantic phone equipment, ignore the phone bill, and probe the mind of one of audio […]

This month on RDR: Crazy Dog Attacks!

Well, we’ve careened through outer space, been sucked into small towns with their fair share of secrets and heard some new old time radio, and this month, Radio Drama Revival! enters yet more bold new terrain with the American premiere of an incredible audio folktale/satire, the acclaimed “Last Harbinger” by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre from […]