What was Hörspiel USA? Erik Bauersfeld’s 1984 KPFA Folio essay on “The Project”

Greetings all, My wife recently had surgery for appendicitis, and between doing my work, taking care of her, and looking after my 4 year old son, I’m just too beat to write from scratch this week. My essay on Gordon Bok’s “Peter Kagan and the Wind” will therefore be postponed to next week. However, I’m […]

Malleus Review: Dracula’s Gast – Gruselkabinett #16 (German)

9 out of 10 An audio drama adaptation of Bram Stoker’s little-known prelude to his famous horror novel. The Good, the Bad, and the Vlad face off in one of old Germany’s forgotten valleys for the soul of a very foolish Englishman. Ironically, only the use of classical music mars Titania Medien’s otherwise classic production.

Aural sex?

This?week Malleus focuses on the emergence of explicit?sex in two mainstream audio drama serials, (insofar as a mainstream exists in this field), one German, one American.? These productions go way beyond the light eroticism that flits through Tom Lopez’s ouevre or the bawdy puns?of the Firesign Theater.? Now that public radio drama is shifting towards […]

Malleus review: Vergessene Reiche – Drizzt, Die Saga von Dunkelelf 1 – Der Dritte Sohn / Forgotten Realms – Drizzt, Saga of the Dark Elf #1 – The Third Son (German)

10?out of 10 Lausch’s adaptation of R. A. Salvatore’s?Forgotten Realms?novel carves a bold new?niche for dark fantasy into Germany’s burgeoning?audio drama market.??A tight script, outstanding performances, and rich atmosphere?make?Der Dritte Sohn?what most?h?rspiele?only claim to be:? atemberaubend. (Breathtaking.)

Malleus review: Larry Brent #1 – Das Grauen schleicht durch Bonnard’s Haus (German)

7 out of 10 Brimming with Gothic atmosphere, Larry Brent’s first audiobook adventure is a nostalgic reminder that as good as dramatic adaptations can be, an author?s original text has a charm all its own.

Malleus review: Chronik der Unsterblichen – Blutkrieg (German language audiobook)

8?out of 10 A welcome interlude in the Middle Ages vampire serial for longtime fans and an accessible, self-contained starting point for newcomers.?

The German Horspiel-Boom part 3 of 3

Welcome to the final installment of a three-part essay discussing the supernatural in contemporary German h?rspiel. Today I?ll recommend three outstanding contemporary German audio dramas (with links to Mp3 samples) and finish up by considering what the thriving German audio drama market might teach the struggling American one.

Some common traits of contemporary German audio drama, or Why don’t Germans like German heroes?

Last week Malleus traced a rough history of German supernatural horror serials and considered their defining impact on the contemporary H?rspiel-Boom (audio drama explosion). What are some general characteristics of these new horror serial audios? I?ve made a list below of several trends I?ve noticed over the past 9 years, many of which differ from […]

REVENGE OF THE GRUSEL-KRIMIS! A primer on supernatural horror in the German H?rspiel-Boom

REVENGE OF THE GRUSEL-KRIMIS! The inaugural column of Malleus kicks off a three part investigation of the role of supernatural horror in the contemporary German audio drama explosion. Come inside to discover the first German radio drama, learn about German pulp novels, and meet Konga the Man-Frog.