Episode 301 – The Statement of Randolph Carter by Horrorscopes

The recently revamped HORRORSCOPES collection is a series of ten of horror’s darkest little tales, ranging from classics by Poe and Bradbury to originals by Anthony Marino and Clay Graybeal. In today’s episode, we feature the inspired adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s The Statement of Randolph Carter, wherein an unsuspecting grave robber opens a door that […]

Captain Radio Review: Saki’s Quail Seed

Graphic – FunGraphix.com | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Quail Seed (19 Nocturne Boulevard Anthology) Producer: Julie Hoverson and Wheeality Productions Type: Drama Genre: Social Satire Rating: AD-G* Availability: Free – 19NocturneBoulevard.com Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio here with a review of Saki’s Quail Seed, adapted and produced by Julie Hoverson and Wheeality Productions. High-profile classic […]

The True History of Magic Bullet: An interview with Alan Stevens, producer of Kaldor City and Faction Paradox. (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of my interview with Magic Bullet producer / writer / audio dramatist Alan Stevens picks up where we left off and hits the following topics: knowing when to end stories, the creative potential and individual fulfillment to be had in writing with licensed properties, why Avon and Iago are psychopathic bastards (or are […]

The True History of Magic Bullet: An interview with Alan Stevens, producer of Kaldor City and Faction Paradox. (Part 1 of 2)

Today I present part one of the Malleus interview with Alan Stevens of Magic Bullet, audio dramatist, writer, and producer of the Kaldor City and The True History of Faction Paradox audio drama serials. In this installment, Stevens discusses what drew him to audio drama and how Magic Bullet came to be, why he recast […]

Malleus interview: Nigel Fairs speaks on The Faction Paradox Protocols

This week I’m pleased to post my interview with Nigel Fairs, who cast, directed, composed and mixed the Faction Paradox Protocols published by BBV. Many know Nigel from his work on the Sapphire and Steel and Tomorrow People audio drama serials from Big Finish productions. In this interview Nigel gives a good-humored, at times surprisingly frank […]

Faction Paradox: A Layman’s guide to the Audio Drama Serials


Faction Paradox: As Much as It’s Known, an introduction by series author Lawrence Miles

[audio:http://media.libsyn.com/media/radiodramarevival/01_Scene_One.mp3] Audio track 1 from The Faction Paradox Protocols: The Eleven-Day Empire (the first episode of the first series) appears courtesy of Bill Baggs of BBV media, copyright 2001. Click the CD cover to go directly to the BBV website. [audio:http://media.libsyn.com/media/radiodramarevival/01_Chapter_One.mp3] Audio Track 1 from The True History of Faction Paradox: Coming to Dust (the […]

Malleus primer: Faction Paradox coverage, Doctor Who spin-off audio drama companies

Hello everyone, I’ve been gone for a long, long time, but I’m gearing up for a big comeback. Over the next several weeks I will be running a series of articles on the strange history of the Faction Paradox audio dramas, featuring a critical overview of the series, transcribed interviews with directors, and audio excerpts. […]

Malleus Review: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, read by Stephen Lang (English Audiobook)

Joe Hill?s debut novel Heart-Shaped Box is accomplished, polished, and hauntingly familiar. Although a malevolent ghost stalks the hero, a more powerful shade looms over the author: his father, Stephen King. I approached Heart-Shaped Box with sympathetic curiosity: how do you forge your own path when you?re the son of the world?s most famous horror writer? Well, you might try and write something King wouldn?t or couldn?t, like a comic book (Hill has) or an academic work of history (hasn?t). (Hey Joe, I don?t think King ever wrote an original audio drama . . .)

Or if you?re Joe Hill, you could stare down the master of the Dark Tower and beat him at his own game. You might even do it with a story about rebellion against powerful, over-reaching fathers. Perhaps Joe Hill deserves to have his work critiqued without reference to his father?s oeuvre; perhaps he doesn?t. I?ll leave that question to others wiser than me. For better or worse, this longstanding King reader can?t ignore the connection. Guess that means I?m haunted too.

What was Hörspiel USA? Erik Bauersfeld’s 1984 KPFA Folio essay on “The Project”

Greetings all, My wife recently had surgery for appendicitis, and between doing my work, taking care of her, and looking after my 4 year old son, I’m just too beat to write from scratch this week. My essay on Gordon Bok’s “Peter Kagan and the Wind” will therefore be postponed to next week. However, I’m […]

Ballads part 1: Julius Lester’s “Stagolee” (English)

10 out of 10 This week Malleus kicks off a 3-part look at ballads that blur the boundaries between song, storytelling, and the spoken word. First up is the bad man, Black folk anti-hero Stagolee, in what I guarantee is the best and most wildly imaginative retelling of his legend that you are ever going […]