Episode 441 – Jonathan Mitchell’s The Truth – The Man in the Barn

This week, we play an episode of The Truth, Jonathan Mitchell’s collaboration with New York’s Magnet Theater; they’re dedicated to making audio fiction the likes of which you’ve never heard. It’s intimate, it’s internal, and it’s cinematic, all at once. Motivated by an improv style and by Mitchell’s 15 years as a public radio documentarian, […]

Captain Radio Explores AudioDrop Central

Graphic – FunGraphix.com Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Captain Radio Explores AudioDrop Central Production Company: Angry Viking Productions Writer/Director/Producer: Eric Ericson Type: Drama, Comedy Genre:  Multiple — Sci-fi, Action, Suspense, Satire Length: 10-15 minute-long episodes Rating: AudioDrop™ Universe: AD-G thru AD-PG13; Velvet Curtain Series: AD-PG13 thru AD-R* Availability: Download from  http://audiodropcentral.com for $.89 per episode.   Greetings, Audionauts! Captain […]

Captain Radio Reviews Jazz Book on Tape from Jason Samilski

Graphic – FunGraphix.com Theme music – Shane Lamb    Title: Jazz Book on Tape Writer/Director/Producer: Jason Samilski Type: Drama-Comedy Genre:  Social Satire Length: 20-minutes Rating: AD-PG13* (brief course language, possibly disturbing dystopian images) Availability: Free to listen at http://www.prx.org/pieces/71219-jazz-book-on-tape#description Producer’s Description: Jazz Book on Tape is a lucid, hyper-visual radio play featuring 10 voices, approaching dialogue and monologue scenes through a […]

Captain Radio Reviews The New York Crimes

Graphic – FunGraphix.com Theme music – Shane Lamb    Title: The New York Crimes (Mini-Series) Writer/Director/Producer: Kristen Felicetti Type: Comedy Genre:  Mystery Length: 15- to 18-minute episodes Rating: AD-PG13* (Bursts of course language unsuited for kiddies) Availability: Free to listen from thenycrimes.com WATCH NY CRIMES TRAILER @ Youtube Greetings, Audionauts! The Captain is back with a review of The New York Crimes, […]

Episode 305 – Wireless Theatre Company is the BBC

This week on the show we feature the work of Wireless Theatre Company, in their cheeky play about the drama behind radio drama creation We Are the BBC (and a nod out to its predecessor, We are Not the BBC). Rob Sterling Davies is on the crest of a wave: a celebrated scriptwriter, actor, TV […]

Episode 301 – The Statement of Randolph Carter by Horrorscopes

The recently revamped HORRORSCOPES collection is a series of ten of horror’s darkest little tales, ranging from classics by Poe and Bradbury to originals by Anthony Marino and Clay Graybeal. In today’s episode, we feature the inspired adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s The Statement of Randolph Carter, wherein an unsuspecting grave robber opens a door that […]

Episode 272 – The Final Six Suspects, Preparing for Pandemic

This week we wrap our third part of Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, adapted by Ayeesha Menon and produced by acclaimed BBC Producer John Dryden. Vicky Rai, notorious son of a prominent Indian politician, shoots dead a waitress at a trendy Delhi restaurant. At a lavish society party to celebrate his acquittal, he is himself […]

Episode 271 – A Bit More on Those Six Suspects, And Chatting with John Dryden

In this jam-packed week, we have the 3rd chapter of The Cleansed, followed quickly by our 2nd chunk of Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, adapted by Ayeesha Menon and produced by acclaimed BBC Producer John Dryden. Vicky Rai, notorious son of a prominent Indian politician, shoots dead a waitress at a trendy Delhi restaurant. At […]

Episode 270 – Meeting Six Suspects, Farewell Nod to Peter

First things first this week – a farewell nod to Peter Bergman, founding member of the legendary audio comedy troupe The Firesign Theatre, 1960s America’s answer to Monty Python. Their antics, multi-track madness and bitingly absurd satire imprinted the minds of a generation and transformed the concept of ‘radio theater.’ The Washington Post featured a […]

Episode 268 – A Tour of the Galaxy with Dirk Maggs

A blinding 14-inch snowstorm struck Maine on Wednesday, blitzing Radio Drama Revival host Fred Greenhalgh with the sensation that it muststill be winter and so, a good move to continue our “Sci-Fi February” celebration of original science fiction audio. And what a whopper of an episode we have today! We have an extended interview with […]

Episode 265 – Anti-STARC Realities

Sci-Fi February 2012 continues as guest host Captain Radio™ unleashes a super-sized podcast that treats our fans to the full-length stylized hard sci-fi excellence of Brad Lansky and the Anti-STARC. Following that, we’ll hear an extended on-location (what else?) exclusive interview, featuring our own roaming host, Fred Greenhalgh, and one of the creative masterminds behind […]