Episode 134: Eric Bauersfeld and Jim McKee Discuss 40 Years of Radio Drama in the Bay Area

This week we talk to Erik Bauersfeld, a producer, director, and actor in audio drama for more than 40 years, and a figure who gets too little attention in the history of the art. Erik started in the early days of KPFA with the Black Mass series, which is now widely circulated on the ‘net. […]

What was Hörspiel USA? Erik Bauersfeld’s 1984 KPFA Folio essay on “The Project”

Greetings all, My wife recently had surgery for appendicitis, and between doing my work, taking care of her, and looking after my 4 year old son, I’m just too beat to write from scratch this week. My essay on Gordon Bok’s “Peter Kagan and the Wind” will therefore be postponed to next week. However, I’m […]