Episode 9: Jack Hosley and High Moon

Well, looks like I’m on a roll this evening. I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jack Hosley, AKA “The Wander Wolf” from WanderRadio this afternoon and learning all about how he got into the niche podcasting market and the emerging media writers and actors he works with. Time allowed for a special presentation […]

Episode 8: “Reality Check” from Wander Radio

This week, a haunting tale of a reality TV show where something’s just not right. By sci-fi/fantasy writer Tee Morris, produced by WanderRadio [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast008.mp3] Radio Drama Revival! Episode 8

Episode 7: Tales from Williamsville

For those of you who’ve forgotten that I’m the leading force behind FinalRune Productions, this show features the latest work — my first work adapted from a story by someone else, with a great cast put together by the writer, John Coons. I hope you enjoy the delightfully wacky small town mischief comedy Tales from […]

Episode 6: Craig Wichman and Jay Stern from Quicksilver

Writer/producer Craig Wichman and writer/director Jay Stern come from backgrounds in television, film, and stage (Craig stars in an indie movie directed by Jay, The Changeling). In fact, they feel that independent audio theater has a lot to do with indie movies. That is, technology has opened up the door for a huge amount of […]

Episode 5: Abe Lincoln’s Last Day (Finale)

This week on Radio Drama Revival!: The somber and startling conclusion to Quicksilver Radio Theater’s “Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day.” Be sure to tune in next week for an interview with writer/producer/actor Craig Wichman! (Radio Drama Revival! Episode 5 has gone to the archives — if you’re interested in hearing the piece, contact me […]

Episode 4: Abe Lincoln’s Last Day

Tune in for the first episode of Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day, by the outstanding Quicksilver Radio Theater hailing from New York City. This historical drama recounts eerie dreams, memories, and events that precede the assassination of one of America’s greatest presidents. Just in time for Abe’s birthday, tune in for a great professionally […]

Episode 3: Scott Hickey talks shop

This past week, we chatted with Scott Hickey from AM FM Theater. Hear about hitting the bar with Peter Straub at World Horror Con, growing up with radio drama, and the making of “God of the Razor.” A great interview not to be missed! [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast003.mp3] Radio Drama Revival! Episode 3

Episode 1: Radio Drama Revival Starts with a… Drizzle

After a little bit of work, a fair amount of frustration, and a mind-blowing “wow, that’s actually pretty easy!” sensation the began coursing through my body, here it is! The Radio Drama Revival! Podcast. As much as my featured audio dramatists will let me, I’ll include the full material from my show or at least […]