Captain Radio Visits Pendant Productions

Graphic – | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Pendant Productions Executive Producer/Founder: Jeffrey Bridges Type: Drama Genre: Multiple – Anthology, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Super Hero, Fan Fiction Rating: Primarily adult fare similar to graphic novels* Availability: Free – PendantAudio.Com   Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio here with a visit to mega audio drama site, Pendant […]

Sound Design How To Video: Dreadgloom Swamp Scene from Spirit Blade

Another great sound design video via Paeter from Spirit Blade Productions. He explains how they created the “Dreadgloom Swamp” sequence from the audio drama “Pilgrim’s Progress: Similitude Of A Dream”! Says Paeter: I’ve been asked multiple times exactly how this sequence was created, given all of the water involved. It was easily one of the […]

Top 5 Best Things I’ve Done (And Will Continue to Do)

In our final installment of our three-year anniversary special, I look back at some of the experiences and strategies (intended or accidental) that have made this show what it is. Are you looking to start your own podcast?  Want to be a bigger part of the audio drama community?  Then I hope these tips help […]

5 Most Memorable Interviews

Today we continue our three year anniversary special and self-reflective analysis.  Today we focus on the most memorable interviews I’ve ever done. This was a really hard one to put together, because I’ve done a ton. In fact, here’s a link to all interviews on Radio Drama Revival. Here are some of what I consider […]

5 Episodes You Should Listen to Again

Welcome to day two of our three year anniversary special and self-reflective analysis.  Since Jan 2007, I’ve had a chance to feature a LOT of good work on the show.  75 hours and counting of audio goodness so far! It’s impossible to feature everything that’s good, particularly because there are episodes in so many different […]

Reviving Radio Drama – 3 Years in Review

It doesn’t seem like so long ago that a chance opening at local radio station WMPG gave me a great opportunity: start my own weekly radio show dedicated to radio drama. My goal from the beginning: expose more people to the medium of radio drama and give me an opportunity to share my own work […]

How to Record Radio Drama with Skype – A Step by Step Slideshow

Lots of audio groups have success doing remote recording – having cast members from across the world record their lines independently and then email audio files of their lines to one producer who puts it all together. The baker with all of the ingredients from the cake, if you will. Darker Projects, Brokensea, and Pendant […]

What Makes a Podcast a Podcast?

Paul Potts writes a great article on What is a Podcast — from an aesthetic/production/creative sense. In addition to espousing just about everything about podcasts that I love, too, he has also some great things to say about radio drama. And I love what he says about professionalism (as much as I try to make […]

What was Hörspiel USA? Erik Bauersfeld’s 1984 KPFA Folio essay on “The Project”

Greetings all, My wife recently had surgery for appendicitis, and between doing my work, taking care of her, and looking after my 4 year old son, I’m just too beat to write from scratch this week. My essay on Gordon Bok’s “Peter Kagan and the Wind” will therefore be postponed to next week. However, I’m […]

Using Social Media to Promote Audio Drama

The second installment in the internet marketing for audio drama series came to me rather unexpectedly as I routinely perused the Google Analytics stats for the last three months. So back in March, Radio Drama Revival saw something like quadruple the average number of visitors to the site. With a bit of a quizzical “What […]

What Every Radio Dramatist Should Know About SEO

As much as my passion is all things audio, my paid gig is internet marketing with a local firm, Hall Web Services. What that means is that on a daily basis I’m grilling websites, writing optimized web code, writing the most interesting copy I can muster and figuring out interesting ways to market products and […]