Episode 265 – Anti-STARC Realities

Sci-Fi February 2012 continues as guest host Captain Radio™ unleashes a super-sized podcast that treats our fans to the full-length stylized hard sci-fi excellence of Brad Lansky and the Anti-STARC. Following that, we’ll hear an extended on-location (what else?) exclusive interview, featuring our own roaming host, Fred Greenhalgh, and one of the creative masterminds behind […]

Captain Radio Reviews: The Swamp

Graphic – FunGraphix.com | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: The Swamp Producer: Tanja Milojevic and LightningBolt Theater of the Mind Type: Drama Genre: Horror Mystery Rating: AD-PG* Availability: Free – LightningBolt Theater of the Mind   Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio here with a review of Tanja Milojevic’s The Swamp from LightningBolt Theater of the Mind. […]