Episode 263 – North to the Yukon!

We conclude our series New Year, New Audio, as Captain Radio™ guest-hosts once more for Fred Greenhalgh traveling abroad in Africa. On tap for our feature is the Captain’s own non-commercial redux of an episode from the very popular Old-Time Radio series, Challenge of the Yukon. Get ready for plenty of drama, intrigue, and action as […]

Episode 259 – Illuminating Swordspoint’s Daring-Do with Ellen Kushner and Sue Zizza

With the New Year upon us, we seek to capture one last audio gem from 2011: the new illuminated audiobook Swordspoint, directed and produced by Sue Zizza and narrated by the author, Ellen Kushner. This dashing audio adventure is further complemented by a full suite of actors including Dion Graham, Katherine Kellgren, Robert Fass, Nick […]

Episode 222 – Witches of Lublin Visit for Passover

In our first ever Passover holiday show, today we feature the breathtaking original show The Witches of Lublin by Sue Media Productions, featuring a star-studded cast including Tovah Feldshuh, Simon Jones, Neil Gaiman and Barbara Rosenblat with a supporting cast of New York’s finest audio actors, and fresh music by leading klezmer musicians. Drawing on […]

Captain Radio Review: William’s Leap For Freedom

Graphic – FunGraphix.com | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: William’s Leap For Freedom Producer: SueMedia Productions Type: Historical Drama Genre: Biographical-Literary Availability: Donation – SueMedia Productions / ZBS Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio here with a review of SueMedia Productions’s William’s Leap For Freedom. Within his lifetime, William Wells Brown became America’s first bonafide Black novelist, […]

Sue Zizza: “People will Seek Out Audio Drama”

Hat trick to Jonathan Lowe, who turned me on to his interview with Sue Zizza, which is also a small treatise to the state of the craft and its future. The article starts a bit slow, with an oft-used example of the War of the Worlds, but as we get into it Sue drops some […]

Episode 84: Talking ‘Bout Jack (Kerouac)

This week, we talk to the creators of Jack’s Last Call, audio veteran Sue Zizza (producer) and Pat Fenton (playwright). Learn about the origins of this tale, Jack’s transition to the audio form, and the dark alleyways of one famous American writer’s life that came together to create this one staggeringly good play. [audio:http://media.blubrry.com/radiodramarevival/www.radiodramarevival.com/podcasts/rdr-podcast084.mp3] Radio […]

Episode 83: Jack’s Called Home

This week, the tap keeps flowing at Gunther’s Tap Room where Jack Kerouac is rambling stories about his days on the road, while realizing that a whole new generation has arrived that he doesn’t like the looks of. Soak up the oozing jazz, fiery bourbon and faint smell of cigar smoke in the melancholy conclusion […]

Episode 82: We Begin the Night with Jack’s Last Call

Jack Kerouac hardly needs an introduction, nor does Sue Media, the professional production company operated by Sue Zizza, accomplished producer and former executive director of the National Audio Theater Festivals.? But unlike the free-roaming, sprawling unkempt prose of Kerouac fame, today’s tale, penned by Pat Fenton, shows the darker side of this American icon, enjoying […]