Episode 306 – The Truth Puts Us in “Good Hands”

This week The Truth returns, the remarkable (in the fullest sense of that word) audio drama podcast that seeks to reinvent the format for 21st century aesthetics. The brainchild of producer, sound designer, and writer Jonathan Mitchell, The Truth is trying many different things, but what it’s best at is a wildly innovative approach to […]

Episode 233 – Back From #CVG2011 with Stories To Tell and a Trip to 1918

Today we stagger back from a GREAT trip out west to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the CONvergence science fiction and fantasy convention (known to you Twitterers as #cvg2011). We received the 2010 Silver Mark Time for FinalRune‘s production The Cleansed: Episode Zero and celebrated with other winners, including Jonathan Mitchell (who created the spectacular Moon Graffiti), Matthew and […]

Episode 221 – Jonathan Mitchell’s Moon Graffiti and talking “the Truth”

Our guest today is Jonathan Mitchell, a seasoned radio producer, sound designer and composer whose work has appeared on Studio 360, Radiolab, This American Life, Fair Game, The Next Big Thing, Living on Earth, Weekend America, Marketplace, and All Things Considered. Wow! What’s most exciting is that Jonathan is a lifelong fan of radio drama, […]