Free Downloads of Science Fiction Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'science fiction' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. We have weird post-apocalyptic landscapes, classic feeling stories of explorers on the edge of distant galaxies, Dr. Who inspired forays and more.

Episode 37: Explosive Twists on the Huddleston

Well the last few weeks we’ve met some of the most colorful — some menacingly so — characters of the galaxy as conflicting forces collide on the luxurious Huddleston Space Liner. Now the cries of blood vengeance reach a desperate pitch and the only solution may be the ultimate one. [audio:] Radio Drama Revival – […]

Episode 36: Space is Colored Blood Red

Well, as we enter into the second episode of “Murder on the Huddleston Ferry,” the series starts to live up to its name. Conflicting intergalactic forces — of good, evil, and unknown intentions — clash together, making this trip aboard the luxury spaceliner one its passengers will not soon forget. [audio:] Radio Drama Revival – […]

Episode 35: Murder Comes to the Huddleston

For most passengers of the Huddleston, it was looking to be a relaxing cross-galactic space voyage on a luxurious space liner. Long nights at the Antigravity Red Bar, friends of a promiscuous persuasion, hours spent staring as the stars as they swooshed by… by Emille Song and the Professor, hot from the Catacombs with the […]

Episode 33: Shadows Fall on Moloch

Last week, the Harbinger cried out his fervent message to the world of Moloch… a world not ready for the terrible news he brought. Now, captured by the authorities and thrown in front of a corrupt tribunal, we learn more about the “justice” of Moloch than we ever cared to imagine and see what hope […]

Episode 32: The Harbinger Makes a Stand

In our continuing Crazy Dog-liness, we follow the Harbinger in his run from the law and reluctant public appearance to make his dire proclamation to the people of this dying land. But are the people ready for such a revelation? And how will the authorities react to such a blatant affront to their power? Find […]

Episode 30: The Harbinger Hits Ground

In our continuing coverage of The Last Harbinger by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, we follow the Harbinger’s very rough entry into this tainted new dimension, and learn more about the strange characters who inhabit it. [audio:] Radio Drama Revival! Episode 30

Episode 29: The Harbinger Lands

And so we begin our dark yet funny tale, of a world killing itself, its land, its air… Crazy Dog Audio Theatre comes to the show with the debut of the marvelous Last Harbinger, which I glowingly reviewed a few months ago. Well, thanks to the generosity of Roger Gregg, we’ll have the opportunity to […]

Episode 21: The Shadowman Speaks

This week, we enter the depths of distance space for an adventure that’s out of this world… Dry Smoke and Whispers Holodio Theater hosts The Shadowman, a trilogy of deception and intrigue in a world very distant, yet eerily parallel, our own. In this episode, Emille Song confronts an ancient cult that controls more than […]

Episode 20: The Fall of the Hero

Oh yes, avid Radio Drama fans, here it is, the latest work of FinalRune Productions — the twist off the ol’ fantasy story block, FALL OF THE HERO. Sir Grace was a mighty knight, with a record of maiden-saving and dragon slaying on par with none. But when summoned by an infamous mage with ambiguous […]

Episode 16: Buried in Falling Sand

This week, Dreamseed‘s foreboding tale of a future where the salvation of the worker comes in the form of a little yellow pill. Yet, when one man forgets to take his little pill of dreams, he quickly realizes how much he’s been missing, and how little a chance he stands at getting it back. A […]

Episode 14: Icebox Radio Theater with “Lifeboat”

This week on the show, a story set in deep space, with two travelers who find themselves dreadfully equipped for surviving… but worse than confronting their unfortunate fate, is having to deal with one another.