Free Downloads of Science Fiction Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'science fiction' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. We have weird post-apocalyptic landscapes, classic feeling stories of explorers on the edge of distant galaxies, Dr. Who inspired forays and more.

Episode 356 – A Great Cleansing is Coming

This week The Cleansed returns to Radio Drama Revival, bringing us back to the end of the world, which begins in a time not-so-distant from now. The scathing, unremitting prologue episode “The Breaking” introduces the characters John Prophet, David Brenner, Sam Miller, and Luke Bovonsky, who are pulled into a topsy-turvey world when things go […]

Episode 341 – A Word from Our Spacey Sponsors

This week we feature the second half of the 2003 ‘radio movie’ Not from Space, a satire of commercial radio that pioneered the internet-era of audio drama and was heard nationally on XM Satellite Radio. Winner of the Mark Time Award and Communicator Award This scathing satire of the advertising industry taunts you with a […]

Episode 340 – Still Reporting, but Not From Space…

This week we continue our theme of out-of-this-world productions with the 2003 ‘radio movie’ Not from Space, a satire of commercial radio that pioneered the internet-era of audio drama and was heard nationally on XM Satellite Radio. This scathing satire of the advertising industry taunts you with a live radio broadcast complete with all-too-truthful commercials […]

Episode 339 – Our Fair City Live

This week we continue our coverage of the audio drama awesomeness that happened at CONvergence 2013 with a feature of Our Fair City‘s live show, the Archibald Funnypants Variety Hour. Knowledge of the Our Fair City universe is helpful, but not required, to enjoy this tongue-in-cheek live event that uses the format of an old […]

Episode 338 – War of the Worlds Anniversary Contest Winners

Reporting live from Convergence Con 2013, Craig Finseth, Matthew Boudreau, and Fred Greenhalgh get together to announce the winners of the 75th Anniversary War of the Worlds radio contest. We received 10 entries from 4 countries, all under 15 minutes and celebrating the story of War of the Worlds (both the classic radio drama as […]

Episode 326: Leviathan in Crisis, A Chat with Christof Laputka and Robin Shore

This week we continue the celebration of The Leviathan Chronicles – Season 2, an example of how fantastic science fiction audio drama can be when you combine great writing, a spectacular cast, and searing sound effects. MacAllan Orsel enters the shattered world of Leviathan as perhaps the only chance the community has of enduring an attack […]

Episode 325: The Leviathan Chronicles Revive

It’s here! After two years of hard work, Leviathan Chronicles Season 2 has hit the streets. The action-packed, richly imagined sci-fi epic throws the unsuspecting MacAllan Orsel into a world of intrigue, immortals, high-tech prowess and US Government special Ops. We won’t spoil the riveting First Season, but suffice to say Season 2 starts off […]

Episode 324 – Basking in Titanium Rain and Sweet, Sweet Honey West

What a fantastic time to be digging audio drama. This month, we’ve gotten to soak up Dirk Maggs’ audio drama adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, hear Chatterbox Audio Theater render the Greek tragedy of Oedipus, and now we get to celebrate our friends at AudioComics Company getting two “Audie” nods and a Golden Earphones Award […]

Episode 320 – The Minister of Chance Visits Paludin Fields

This week we visit the ‘Paludin Fields’ in the return of the Minister of Chance, a lush, imaginatively designed story of war, magic, and science on a strange planet at the edge of the Universe. ‘The Minister Of Chance‘ is an acclaimed ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off, introducing us to  a world where the Ambassador Durian of Sezuan (Paul […]

Episode 319 – War of the Worlds Returns with a BANG!

This week we take a bow to radio drama history by clobbering Grover’s Mill New Jersey with a big ball of fire and pissed off laser-toting Martians. Yes, folks, it is the War of the Worlds – and one of the most exquisite re-creations of it ever produced, the 50th anniversary production by Otherworld Media […]

Episode 318 – Are you Afraid of Rotwang Krell?

Part 3 of 3 Sci Fi February continues with another double-header of live sci fi comedy radio shows produced by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre for Ireland’s RTE Radio 1. This week we have “The Zombies of Dr. Krell” Captain Sane and her crew seek shelter from a space storm at a mysterious Space Tower on […]