Free Downloads of Other Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'other' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All episodes are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. We love 'other' - it includes things like holiday and romance programming, shows where there aren't enough for their own category, as well as stuff that REALLY defies description. Dig in, friend.

Captain Radio Reviews Jazz Book on Tape from Jason Samilski

Graphic – Theme music – Shane Lamb    Title: Jazz Book on Tape Writer/Director/Producer: Jason Samilski Type: Drama-Comedy Genre:  Social Satire Length: 20-minutes Rating: AD-PG13* (brief course language, possibly disturbing dystopian images) Availability: Free to listen at Producer’s Description: Jazz Book on Tape is a lucid, hyper-visual radio play featuring 10 voices, approaching dialogue and monologue scenes through a […]

Episode 306 – The Truth Puts Us in “Good Hands”

This week The Truth returns, the remarkable (in the fullest sense of that word) audio drama podcast that seeks to reinvent the format for 21st century aesthetics. The brainchild of producer, sound designer, and writer Jonathan Mitchell, The Truth is trying many different things, but what it’s best at is a wildly innovative approach to […]

Episode 294 – Slip Sliding with the Silver Tongued Devil

This week we wrap up a month featuring the works of Irish dramatist Roger Gregg with a piece off his collection Diabolic Playhouse, “The Silver Tongued Devil.” This saucy mockumentary tries to uncover a surprising Irish poetry sensation… while lampooning Irish culture, academia, mass hysteria, and maybe even a jab at poetry itself (aren’t all […]

Episode 286 – Dialed In from CONvergence 2012

This week we report from #CVG2012 where our own FinalRune Productions in tandem with good friends Aural Stage Studios pick up the Gold Ogle award for our last year’s Halloween show, Intensive Care.  Joining us are a group of friends including Jack and Robert from Wireless Theatre Company, Dieter Zimmerman from Protophonic, Jeffrey Gardner and […]

Episode 258: A Christmas Special that Overrules a Horrendous Plot

Photo by kevin dooley Yuletide greetings dramatites! We’re delighted to share with you a 2008 retelling of a treasure from the golden age of radio, Norman Corwin‘s “The Plot to Overthrow Christmas,” revamped for you by our good friend Richard Fish. This 35 minute romp of rhyming verse introduces us to Nero, violining in hell, […]

Episode 243: Everyone (Including Us) Digs Bill Evans

Photo of Bill Evans at a German Jazz Workshop by Heinrich Klaff Music sometimes takes a backseat to sound effects and dialogue in radio plays, but not in this lush play called Everybody Digs Bill Evans (the radio drama, not to be confused with the famous jazz album of the same title). This 40-minute play, […]

Captain Radio Reviews: Every Now and Then

Graphic – | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Every Now and Then Producer: Voices in the Wind Type: Drama Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Romance Rating: AD-G* Availability: Free – Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio here, sponsored by RØDE Microphones, with a review of Every Now and Then from David Farquhar and […]

Episode 227 – Eurydice Goes Down, Down, Down

Well, they call it Greek tragedy for a reason – and we have it in full force this week with the conclusion of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth. Orpheus finally gets his chance to plead for his Eurydice back and – by God – he gets her! But whatever you do, dude… don’t look […]

Episode 226 – Orpheus’ One True Love, Pendant Power and Rats

The seductive backdrop of Ancient Greece returns in sticky sweet splendor in round 3 of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth. Orpheus recounts the journey to find – and lose – his one true love, Eurydice. In this installment Orpheus finally meets, and loses, his one true love. Tragedy at its funniest! This great production […]

Episode 209 – Wherein a Group of Struggling Writers Goes for a Walk, and a Narrator Gets Surly

Happy fourth Anniversary Radio Drama Revival! To celebrate, we feature a new colleague Captain Radio, who tells us all about a new sister audio effort dedicated to reviving audio arts: We also wrap the feature of the 1980 serial Our Life Together Among the Works of Art, a sexy and side-splitting serial that aired […]

Episode 208 – Another Visit to 522, Where Struggling Writers Stay Warm in Many Ways…

Today we continue the feature of the 1980 serial Our Life Together Among the Works of Art, a sexy and side-splitting serial that aired on WBAI, telling the woeful tales, struggles, romances, and substance abuses of a group of struggling young writers in New York City. From Producer Jessica Raimi’s website: A story of the […]