Captain Radio Reviews: Every Now and Then

Graphic – | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Every Now and Then Producer: Voices in the Wind Type: Drama Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Romance Rating: AD-G* Availability: Free – Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio here, sponsored by RØDE Microphones, with a review of Every Now and Then from David Farquhar and […]

Episode 227 – Eurydice Goes Down, Down, Down

Well, they call it Greek tragedy for a reason – and we have it in full force this week with the conclusion of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth. Orpheus finally gets his chance to plead for his Eurydice back and – by God – he gets her! But whatever you do, dude… don’t look […]

Episode 226 – Orpheus’ One True Love, Pendant Power and Rats

The seductive backdrop of Ancient Greece returns in sticky sweet splendor in round 3 of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth. Orpheus recounts the journey to find – and lose – his one true love, Eurydice. In this installment Orpheus finally meets, and loses, his one true love. Tragedy at its funniest! This great production […]

Episode 209 – Wherein a Group of Struggling Writers Goes for a Walk, and a Narrator Gets Surly

Happy fourth Anniversary Radio Drama Revival! To celebrate, we feature a new colleague Captain Radio, who tells us all about a new sister audio effort dedicated to reviving audio arts: We also wrap the feature of the 1980 serial Our Life Together Among the Works of Art, a sexy and side-splitting serial that aired […]

Episode 208 – Another Visit to 522, Where Struggling Writers Stay Warm in Many Ways…

Today we continue the feature of the 1980 serial Our Life Together Among the Works of Art, a sexy and side-splitting serial that aired on WBAI, telling the woeful tales, struggles, romances, and substance abuses of a group of struggling young writers in New York City. From Producer Jessica Raimi’s website: A story of the […]

Episode 59: All Fun Till Someone Loses an Eye (…of the Storm)

Okay, it’s probably not appropriate to joke about the horrific events that unfold in this week’s episode, courtesy of the audio soap opera Eye of the Storm. But as the dust settles (or the clouds pass) we continue with a great chat with the creator and one of the actresses in this fine and fiery […]

Episode 58: The Making of a Perfect Eye of the Storm

Down in the baking sun of South Louisiana the pastoral veneer covers a town overflowing with greed, jealousy, and deceit. Vernon Montgomery, a cantankerous oil tycoon, expects to get what he wants, and often does. But as the people in his life begin to behave in ways that go again his grain, the elements are […]

Episode 57: One Funny Valentine

Okay, it may appear to be succumbing to sentiment, but this week we play a piece in honor of Valentine’s Day by the marvelous Wireless Theatre Company. Jaded adult lovers in Britain are faced with an increasingly puzzling obsession when a mysterious card shows up on Valentine’s Day. Note: This play includes some language not […]