Episode 154 – Chatterbox Tells a Story of Those Dead and Gone

The writing of James Joyce is as much known for how challenging it is to decipher as for its portraits of humanity in a difficult world. Its hard enough to find audiobooks of his work (could you imagine a single-voiced reading of Ulysses?), and it seems that most audio dramatists have steered clear. Not so […]

Episode 153: The Blue Carbuncle Finds Its Way Home… And Holmes’ Painful Predicament

This week we feature the conclusion to Quicksilver Radio Theater‘s adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes Tale, The Blue Carbuncle. Last week we found a precious gem lodged in the gullet of a Christmas goose, which led Sherlock and Watson on a quest to find its owner – the goose that is, not the gem. The […]

Episode 152 – In Search of the Blue Carbuncle

This week we bring back the Quicksilver Radio Theater in a most peculiar of Sherlock Holmes tales set during the Christmas season. A fat goose, a random mugging, and a precious gem. How do all three relate, and who committed this most unusual crime? Enjoy!

Episode 151: Kiss Santa Goodbye… Or at least, the Cruel World

Well, things didn’t go exactly how Lester predicted in the first episode of Goodbye, Cruel World but he’s made it to Santa’s candy-cane palace and now he’s ready for his assault on the fat man in red. But, it’s not easy to sneak a fire-breathing dragon by the toy soldier guards, and how to get […]

Episode 150 – The Most Wonderful Time to Say Goodbye to a Cruel World

Lester Melrose is sick of jolly old men, gumdrops, candy canes, elves, and a thousand other delights. He wants to bring the big sick world down to its knees and is out for a guy in a red suit who stands in his way. Aiding him in this quest is a chain-smoking unicorn and a […]

Episode 102: Christmas Extravaganza!

Well, Santa Radio was very good to us this year and stuffed my stocking with TONS of great stuff to share with you… So break open that new mp3 player and stock it up! We have Christmas classic, Christmas irreverent, lots of voices and more than one surprise in this nearly 3-hour holiday extravaganza. Soak […]

Episode 50: Naughty or Nice?

Episode fifty? Egads! Almost a whole year has zoomed by… and how much fun we’ve had! This week, we finish cleaning up the wrapping paper in time to hear two tales coming from two desperately different spheres… or, as we like to say “Naughty or Nice.” Enjoy a new tale from Buffy Between the Lines […]

Episode 49: Decoder Rings in the Season!

Well, if you’re even the slightest fan of modern audio drama then the name of the Decoder Ring Theatre is a familiar one — Gregg Taylor and his merry band of miscreants have been producing noir drama in the OTR-style with a contemporary twist for going on two years now, and has attracted a strong […]

Episode 48: Waiting for Father Christmas

The turkey is stuffed, the appetizers are ready, and there are mince pies ready for the latecomers. But for Ellen, it’s all just not Christmas yet. And in one long evening on the rooftops, she starts to figure out why… Enjoy this marvelous and offbeat Christmas story by UK’s Wireless Theatre Company… “Waiting for Father […]