Free Downloads of Adventure Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'mystery' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All episodes are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. Cop shows, mafia dramas, supernatural detectives and more find their way here...

Episode 205 – Twilight Zone’s “Gift” for Christmas… Or Humanity?

This week we have a second-round of seasonal programming from The Twilight Zone. Today’s tale has a child, a gift for humanity, a small rural village. Wait, is it the Christmas tale? Not quite. Aliens and the Mexican army collide in this adaptation of “The Gift.” COMMITTED TO THE RADIO DRAMA REVIVAL ARCHIVES. TO HEAR […]

Episode 200 – Leonard Allen Wants to Have it Your Way

Holy crap! It’s episode 200! After nearly 4 years of radio drama podcasting we hit another round of triple digits. A pretty cool milestone and a great program to share to celebrate. We’re featuring another installment of The Mask of Innana, an original mystery series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard […]

Episode 199 – The Mask of Innana Goes “After Dark”

We’re psyched to bring you more inspired original audio drama this week with the pilot episode of The Mask of Innana, an original series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard about through their live shows in the Boston area. The Mask of Innana demonstrates amply that they have the chops to […]

Episode 182 – More Trolling and Fallen Angels

FinalRune’s third installment of the Troll of Stony Brook introduces us to the troll – a fearless, man-eating creature for sure, but, um, not without a soft stop. Sadly, humans just won’t leave him alone and the rough exterior shows up again. After this next dose of audio delight we move on to Fallen Angels […]

Episode 169 – Another Taste of Wormwood, Past the Crossroads

Wow, over 100 episodes ago we featured Wormwood, what was then a promising new audio suspense series set in the odd backwater town of Wormwood that had some weird taste of the occult. Since that time, the creators of Wormwood have delivered with a stunning first and second season, and now a three-part third season […]

Episode 162 – Wall Street Journal Featured Radio Play: Joe Gunther Audio Pilot

Phew, so, if you looked at The Wall Street Journal yesterday, you would’ve seen an article about FinalRune Productions and our newest project we’re announcing to the world: the serialization of the novel Open Season by Archer Mayor. Today we feature this very exciting, on-location recorded audio drama. Yes, the snow you hear is snow!

Episode 153: The Blue Carbuncle Finds Its Way Home… And Holmes’ Painful Predicament

This week we feature the conclusion to Quicksilver Radio Theater‘s adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes Tale, The Blue Carbuncle. Last week we found a precious gem lodged in the gullet of a Christmas goose, which led Sherlock and Watson on a quest to find its owner – the goose that is, not the gem. The […]

Free Agatha Chrystie Audiobook from Audiofile Magazine

Things have been great lately for audio fans of Agatha Chrystie. Last month I mentioned how Audiofile magazine had a feature on the Queen of Crime, and bubbled in great length about how great the live Agatha Chrystie radio dramas at the International Mystery Writer’s Festival was. Killer! But now there’s more – Audiofile Magazine, […]

Film Noir Continues over on ZBS

If you’re not on the ZBS newsletter list, well, sign up now, and then, check out some of the latest stuff they’ve put out. As you recall, we talked to Tom Lopez a few weeks ago about his radio drama/web video hybrid 4 Minute Film Noir. ¬†Several more fun videos have come out, including “The […]

Episode 127: Tom Lopez’s 4-Minute Film Noir and Commentary on NATF

This week we have the huge pleasure of talking to Tom Lopez of the ZBS Foundation on his new effort with the 4-Minute Film Noir, fun videos that take film noir caricatures and blend them with Lopez’s stellar wit, timing, and sense of humor. We also pick his brain about the experiences at the National […]

The True History of Magic Bullet: An interview with Alan Stevens, producer of Kaldor City and Faction Paradox. (Part 1 of 2)

Today I present part one of the Malleus interview with Alan Stevens of Magic Bullet, audio dramatist, writer, and producer of the Kaldor City and The True History of Faction Paradox audio drama serials. In this installment, Stevens discusses what drew him to audio drama and how Magic Bullet came to be, why he recast […]