Free Downloads of Horror Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'horror' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. Enjoy spooky ghost stories, weird occult tales, HP Lovecraft tellings, zombies, and much much more...

Episode 355 – FinalRune Halloween Horror Redux

For the month of October, Fred has been hiding under a rock working on the new Season of The Cleansed – but lest you forget our love of the undead, we feature a rebroadcast of our 2009 LIVE to air Halloween horror radio show, with five original radio plays, full cast, foley FX, live music, […]

Episode 354 – “The Ram King” Roars from Beyond the Pale

From the pen of Joe Maggio, we have for you today a special dark treat from the audio horror collection Tales from Beyond the Pale. The show is The Ram King, about a boy named Lassa who gets himself into trouble by fermenting a strange and powerful cheese. Can his god, the ram king, an […]

Episode 353 – Entering the “Hungry Hollow” with Campfire Radio Theater

Our audio horror ‘treats’ continue this week with a new discovery (to us) – the fantastic talents of Campfire Radio Theater. The tale we have for you today is the spooky classic ghost-story with fresh take tale “Hungry Hollow.” A few hikers disappear in the woods and find a lost woman. The ravishing runaway sets […]

Episode 352 – Entering ‘Purgatory’ and Down Deep Looking for a Wine Cask…

This week’s show we feature a few horror classics – first, the WB Yeats controversial classic “Purgatory,” about an old man and a boy standing outside the charred remains of a house, where souls don’t rest easy.  It was produced by the late Yuri Rasovsky and is part of the “Tales for a Stormy Night” […]

Episode 351 – Digging up a Dose of ‘Wormwood’

We are thrilled that the razorblade-sharp-whit-theyre-coming-for-you-and-UFOs-really-landed-and-stole-your-grandma-kinda-sorta-maybe-radio-drama Nightvale has become a sensation.  From the poorly lit studio of a strange, strange town in god-only-knows-where, these ‘reports’ confirm every warning sign you’ve ever heard.  We’re hooked, Tumblr’s hooked, and you should be too, though as a loyal listener to this podcast you’ve heard all kinds of great […]

Episode 350 – Crazy Dog Devils and Haunted Lighthouses

Is it that close to Halloween alREADY? Fred stumbles out of the woods of Maine to sing the praises of Roger Gregg’s new short drama-poetry-music-videos that have appeared on YouTube… which are stripped of their distracting visuals and fed to you in their pure unadulterated audio goodness, alongside a Blair Witch style docu-horror-drama “The Ghosts […]

Episode 307 – A Different Kind of Spook in “Ghost of a Chance”

This week on the show we have 19 Nocturne Boulevard back, with their 2011 Ogle-winning production “Ghost of a Chance.” For a girl living in a New York Brownstone with an absentee father, life can be tough.  Luckily, have virtually unlimited trust-funds and a poltergeist nanny and butler make life considerably easier.  But when mean-spirited […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 6 / 6 – 19 Nocturne Boulevard

Part 6 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring 19 Nocturne Boulevard (Seattle, Washington) with the HP Lovecraft classic “The Rats in the Walls” 19 Nocturne Boulevard, which began podcasting in October of 2008, is an anthology series with over 80 half hour episodes, two Mark Time Awards (“The Outpost” […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 5 / 6 – Icebox Radio Theater

Part 5 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring Icebox Radio Theater (International Falls, Minnesota) with “All Hallow’s Eve” The Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota, USA, has many faces and many voices. It is a community theater in a small town. It is a media arts organization with […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 4 / 6 – Chatterbox Audio Theater

Part 4 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring Chatterbox Audio Theater (Memphis, Tennessee) with “Master Zacharius” Part 1 and Part 2 Chatterbox Audio Theater is an audio production company based in Memphis, TN. Chatterbox favors simultaneous performances and manual sound effects, preferring to create their shows with as little […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 3 / 6 – FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios

Part 3 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring FinalRune Productions (Portland, Maine) and Aural Stage Studios (Buffalo, NY) with Dark Passenger and Intensive Care Passenger and Intensive Care FinalRune Productions is dedicated to producing compelling original audio drama.  Since their creation in 2006, FinalRune has released over a dozen […]