Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 4 / 6 – Chatterbox Audio Theater

Part 4 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring Chatterbox Audio Theater (Memphis, Tennessee) with “Master Zacharius” Part 1 and Part 2 Chatterbox Audio Theater is an audio production company based in Memphis, TN. Chatterbox favors simultaneous performances and manual sound effects, preferring to create their shows with as little […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 3 / 6 – FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios

Part 3 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring FinalRune Productions (Portland, Maine) and Aural Stage Studios (Buffalo, NY) with Dark Passenger and Intensive Care Passenger and Intensive Care FinalRune Productions is dedicated to producing compelling original audio drama.  Since their creation in 2006, FinalRune has released over a dozen […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 2 / 6 – Electric Vicuna

Part 2 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring Electric Vicuna (Halifax, Nova Scotia) with “Coach #6″ and “One by One” Electric Vicuña was established in 2009 to meet the growing demand for high profile radio drama, audio cinema, voice acting, and books on tape. EV is the parent organization […]

Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 1 / 6 – Wireless Theatre Company

Part 1 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event. Featuring Wireless Theatre Company (London, England) with “The Maiden without Hands” and “The Cask of Amontillado” The award-winning Wireless Theatre Company launched in 2007 and quickly established itself as one of the most well-respected audio companies on the internet, producing allfree, original audio […]

Episode 302 – A Son’s Long Trip Home, and a Dark Ride

Horror, horror, horror! More scary stories to haunt you this Halloween season, this week with a rendition of If You Take My Hand, My Son by Scott Hickey’s The Grist Mill series, followed by a Grist Mill double-feature, The Dark Ride (by Jeff Adams). In “If You Take My Hand, My Son” a man sits […]

Episode 301 – The Statement of Randolph Carter by Horrorscopes

The recently revamped HORRORSCOPES collection is a series of ten of horror’s darkest little tales, ranging from classics by Poe and Bradbury to originals by Anthony Marino and Clay Graybeal. In today’s episode, we feature the inspired adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s The Statement of Randolph Carter, wherein an unsuspecting grave robber opens a door that […]

Episode 300 – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack

Our second week of our 5th festival of audio drama horror is the thrilling tale of murder in the city – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack by Wireless Theatre Company. Wireless, who started the same year as RDR, has grown to one of the world’s premiere independent audio drama producers.  Springheel’d Jack is a […]

Episode 299 – The Damned Are Playing at Godzilla’s Tonight

Kicking off our fifth-annual month-long fright fright fest is a Seeing Ear Theatre original, The Damned are Playing at Godzilla’s Tonight. This fresh, sizzling little haunter finds us at a run-down club in Los Angeles, where a repo-man comes to get the story out of the disheveled owner.  The harrowed man tells his story – […]

Episode 288 – We’re Alive’s Kc Wayland Talks

Chilling sound effects, a huge and diverse cast that has come together like clockwork, and tight writing that keeps you wound in suspense hour after hour are the hallmark of zombie podcast sensation We’re Alive, a show that proves that horror is best served cold, on the omniplex-sized theatre of your imagination. We’ve been following […]

Episode 255: Sweeney Todd’s Barbary Falls in a Trap

This week we are thrilled to be featuring work by Grammy-nominated dramaturge Yuri Rasovsky, whose 2012 production The Mark of Zorro is up for Best Spoken Word Album of the Year. We hear a teaser from that new work available either through Blackstone Audiobooks or on Audible. Also in this edition is Captain Radio, with […]

Episode 254: A Barbarous Black Friday with Sweeney Todd

Week 3 continues our foray into 19th century London, where Fleet Street is home to the “Demon Barber” Sweeney Todd, a snickering, dour man whose customers mysteriously disappear, only to reappear in pies at the neighboring pie shoppe. But when a man bringing word of Martin Gestry – a lovesick sailor – disappears along with […]