Free Downloads of Horror Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'horror' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All shows are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them. Enjoy spooky ghost stories, weird occult tales, HP Lovecraft tellings, zombies, and much much more...

Episode 38: Maine-based William Dufris Does William Hope Hodgson’s ‘The Derelict’

As a prelude to today’s episode, the beginning of a frightful month of audio horror stories here on the show, I’ve got to note that this week marks the middle of the “Begathon” pledge drive at WMPG, the station which generally gives air time, studio space, and access to a great audio-savvy volunteer army, making […]

Episode 23: To the Depths of the Afterhell

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. This is a phone call from your future, a cry of abandoned hope from a world where all hope has been evicerated by the many faces of evil. All that is left is darkness, terror, and the fiends who stalk the Earth… Yep, murder madness and more is […]

Episode 8: “Reality Check” from Wander Radio

This week, a haunting tale of a reality TV show where something’s just not right. By sci-fi/fantasy writer Tee Morris, produced by WanderRadio [audio:] Radio Drama Revival! Episode 8

Modern horror realized in Lansdale’s “God of the Razor”

Well, I’m going to jump right into my audio theater reviews with a piece of modern horror that recently reached my ears: ‘God of the Razor,’ a grisly horror short story by Joe Lansdale realized by AM/FM Theater in Lowell, MA. I had recently written on the radio drama digest (a mailing list for audio […]