Free Downloads of Fantasy Radio Dramas

Here is an archive of all of the 'fantasy' themed radio drama shows we have played over the years. All episodes are free to download, however if you like it we hope you'll explore more shows by the artist and support them.

Episode 241: Down in the Lab with the Doc, a Little Wampum, Sweet, Sweet Vampire and the Freedom Bones

Alas, all good things come to an end. After a splendid time trippin’ dimensionality tweaking trip in Return to Inverness, Jack Flanders and Mojo finally get to the bottom of the energy disturbance in the mansion of Inverness. A few old friends appear again and in them depths there be dragons! But the real question […]

Episode 240: Inverness, Week Four – Little Frieda, Four Towers, and Creepy Rakshashas!

In week four of our feature of Return to Inverness Jack Flanders meets an old friend, goes places he probably shouldn’t go, and gets out by the hair of his chinny chin chin. But where, oh where is this strange energy coming from? And whose that splendid saucy sister with the razor sharp teeth? Only […]

Episode 239 – Wherein We Meet a Dragon, Are Touched by a Unicorn and See a Forbidden Tower

For our third installment of the Return to Inverness things are starting to get odd for Jack Flanders. A touch by a mystic unicorn sends his world aloft while things continue to disappear. Plus there’s that dragon to be worried about… Before we get into the Invernessing, we hear from Captain Radio, who reviews the […]

Episode 238 – We Return to Return to Inverness

This week is our second installment featuring Return to Inverness, set some years after Jack Flanders started his mystical journeymaking and spiritual globetrotting. Upon the death of Lady Jowls, Jack finds himself back at Inverness, having inherited a generation of kooky inhabitants and dazzled by the mysterious that still remain. As if the tricky tenants […]

Episode 237 – Steamy Dog Days Bring Us Back to Inverness

For the month of August (and into November) we take an interlude to a mansion high atop a hill, with thousands of mirrors looking inward… the towers of Inverness! The original Fourth Tower of Inverness is the classic mystical trans-dimensional journey which brought ZBS to the ears of a generation of listeners. We have the […]

Episode 235 – Jack Ward’s Electric Vicuna Has One Soul Survivor

We interrupt steamy summer to showcase the showcases – with an excellent Captain Radio review of Audio Drama Talk, Audio Drama Directory, Audio Drama Wiki, and the Audio Drama Review (which pulls no punches to the point of fault). We congratulate Captain Radio for a great article on his first production, then move on to […]

Captain Radio Reviews: Knighttime

Graphic – | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: The Secret of Donotalado (from the Knightime series) Producer: “William” Production Company: The Hazardous Players Type: Comedy Genre: Fantasy Length: 15-20 minutes each episode Rating: AD-G* Availability: Free to Listen – The Hazardous Players Greetings, Audionauts! Captain Radio here with a review of KnightTime’s The Secret of Donotalado, from […]

Episode 233 – Back From #CVG2011 with Stories To Tell and a Trip to 1918

Today we stagger back from a GREAT trip out west to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the CONvergence science fiction and fantasy convention (known to you Twitterers as #cvg2011). We received the 2010 Silver Mark Time for FinalRune‘s production The Cleansed: Episode Zero and celebrated with other winners, including Jonathan Mitchell (who created the spectacular Moon Graffiti), Matthew and […]

Episode 227 – Eurydice Goes Down, Down, Down

Well, they call it Greek tragedy for a reason – and we have it in full force this week with the conclusion of Roger Gregg’s The Stuff of Myth. Orpheus finally gets his chance to plead for his Eurydice back and – by God – he gets her! But whatever you do, dude… don’t look […]

Episode 224 – The Festival of Bacchus Kicks Off With Stuff of Myth

Ahh, ancient Greece. Hot nymphs, raging orgies, much wine, song, and occasional transformations into livestock. All well and good, right? Well things are more wacky than ever in the sizzling and scandalous interpretation of the myth of Orpheus done by Roger Gregg, The Stuff of Myth. This great production won a Gold Ogle in 2007 […]

Captain Radio Review: New Kids on the Block

Graphic – | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Wireless Theatre Kids Producer: Wireless Theatre Type: Drama Genre: Children’s Educational and Entertainment Audio Plays Availability: Free and Paid – Title: Sophie’s Adventures in the Dark Producer: Matt Brown / Leo Media Ltd Type: Drama Genre: Children’s Fantasy Availability: Paid – (Till 5/31/11 – hear […]